Diamonds from Canada. Pure in every sense of the word, Canadian diamonds are mined and cut according to the most stringent guidelines in the world. The story of Canadian diamonds has its origins in the pure and icy Canadian North. Eskimo Arctic Ice Diamonds are selected from the top 25% of rough stones mined from Canada's North West Territories. No other diamond can make this claim. Eskimo Arctic Ice Diamonds is truly dedicated to delivering the stones that have the highest standards of craftsmanship and beauty. Cut, colour, clarity, carat and now CANADIAN. This is the new definition of outstanding quality of diamonds.

Our certificates of origin authenticate that our diamonds are Canadian diamonds, originating from the Ekati or Diavik mines in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Each certificate guarantees that Eskimo diamonds are Canadian products that meet or exceed the maximum standards set forth by Industry Canada's guidelines. An image of a maple leaf is laser inscribed on the girdle of this diamond to identify it as an authentic Canadian diamond. This is your assurance that your Eskimo diamond has met the rigorous standards of quality, and the strict guidelines established by the Government of Canada.